Wedding Photographer Middle East – Oman / Dubai

I’m really excited to show you these images from a recent wedding photography shoot in the Middle East. I absolutely love the Gulf Countries and frequently travel here.

This portrait session is with a couple from Singapore, who’s based out in Dubai, and wanted their wedding photos in these beautiful surroundings. We spent 3 days shooting in Oman, Muscat, the mountains, the beach, the desert and lot’s of other lovely places. There really is unlimited opportunities here as it is such a beautiful place, truly.

Because I have so many lovely pictures to show you I have divided my post in two, part 1 and 2. This is a little taster of what we shot in the mountains, in the old ruins, some deserted old villages and in the dates plantations.

S + M, I cannot begin to express how much fun I had with you guys! I loved travelling and spending time with you! You are both so lovely and so much fun to photograph. I wish we didn’t have to stop and could just go on shooting forever and ever. I loved every single one of your outfit and the hair and make up stylist did really a superb job on all occasions. Thank you for your hospitality and for looking after me so well during my stay in the Middle East.

So, here’s part one…Hope you’ll enjoy it. Lot’s and lot’s of love, A