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Suffolk Countryside Wedding

When I met with Jessica & Matthew a few days before their wedding we had a good long chat about their plans for the wedding. “We’ve planned an Italian inspired wedding day”, they said. Olive trees, lemons, gelato, Limoncello shots and a Fiat 500. Clearly in love with Italy, but with a desire to hold the wedding on the family grounds in the English countryside.
The weather In England had been on and off all summer and there really wasn’t any knowing how this Saturday in July was going to turn out. Jessica’s family had planned and organised an outdoor reception in their Suffolk country home, with drinks on the lawn and the wedding breakfast to be held in a marquee on the grounds.

When my friend, who’s also a photographer, asked me to document her daughters wedding I instantly said yes.
Yes because I wanted my friend to relax and enjoy this day with her family knowing I was there to capture it all. Yes, because I was honoured that she’d asked me. And yes because, as always, there’s no better feeling than to be part of something spectacular, to be an observer and a preserver of memories.

Jessica & Matthew got married on one of the hottest summer days of 2016, and it could not had been a better day for it!
It was perfect. Nothing rarely is, and there’s a lot of beauty in the imperfection too, but it really was perfect.
The weather for sure, the location, the dress, the picturesque walk across the meadow from church to reception, the fiat 500, the corn fields, the music, the food, the limoncello shots, the dance off, the cake. All of it. Perfect!

J + M, what a wedding! So. Much. Fun! You guys are great and just all around lovely. As are your family and friends. Thank you for having me be a part of your wedding and your terrific day, I enjoyed it so very much and I’m so happy that it became everything you wanted and more.

As always, much love and appreciation, and especially to the very best Ingrid Simons for working together with me on this wedding, Anna


Wedding in Utrecht, the Netherlands // Holland

My oh my does the Dutch know how to party? Do they know how to throw a fun wedding? Do they know how to plan a perfect wedding? Yes they do. Well at least Ilse & Joep with their friends & family do!

So a few weeks back I joined my friend a co worker Ingrid Simons to photograph a wedding together in Utrecht, the Netherlands (Holland). And it was the most perfect wedding. Truly. Not only because it was such a pleasure to see two people so crazy in love, but also to see two people have so much fun together and such a fantastic day with their friends and family. I could go on forever, but there’s a few things I love in particular;

I love how Ilse’s dad sat down to play the piano in the morning of preparations and Ilse stood behind him for what felt like an eternity, like there was just the two of them in the whole world…and the piece he played on the piano.

I love how when Ilse walked down the stairs to meet Joep just before the wedding, he looked at her like there was no tomorrow. As if in this defying moment there was no longer two, but one of them and everything was just safe and lovely.

I love it when I realised their wedding car was a Volkswagen bus and I was going to travel with them in it! I have never been in one ever, but always wanted to. For purely selfish reasons I love that that was their choice of transportation 🙂

I love it that when Ilse stood up in church and started to sing a song exclusively for Joep, the whole of the church burst into tears like I have never seen before. I loved every second of that song and even though it was in Dutch and I didn’t understand a word of it, I was in the back holding my tears back.

I love how all of the couples friends and family had come together to organise the wedding. With everything from the farm, the food, the fun, the festival, the signs…it was all made with a whole lot of love and not much else.

I love the afternoon salsa class and the outdoor dance floor filled with guests.

I love that instead of having one cake they had 7, I liked that a lot 😉

I love that everyone got to bring their own plate and write a message for the couple on the back.

I love sing a long when it is proper sing a long. And this was nothing but proper sing a long! People were on the tables, in trees, dancing around the gardens, singing, laughing crying, laughing, cheering, laughing….so. much. fun.

I love the speeches. Not understanding a word, but really getting it, feeling it. The laughter and tears and all the emotions were indicators off course, but the energy was indescribable. Intense and real.

There’s so much to love about Ilse & Joep’s wedding, but most of all Ilse & Joep actually.

I + J. Wow. Thank you for having me and for being just amazing people. I admire you both and the love and passion you have for each other and for everything around you. It was perfect. Thank you.

Lot’s of love, always. A

My lovely friends Becca & Butch got married!

A few weeks back my very good friends Becca & Butch got married in a little garden in the middle of the English countryside. I’d been waiting for this day for a long time and was so incredibly happy to see them together in their foreverness. And to be there as a friend and as a photographer; was a real priviledge.

Becca & Butch. I am so happy for you guys. So incredibly happy. You are the cutest of couples and best of friends. You compliment each other perfectly and the love you have for each other is one to admire. I am so happy you’re my friends and that I got to be with you for the whole of this special day, not only as a friend but also as a photographer; capturing all those special moments. I am so pleased for you and can’t wait to see you guys grow old together and to be there as a friend in your journey together. Thank you for being in my life, I am so happy to be in yours. I love you guys!

Lot’s of love, A


Oxfordshire Garden Wedding – Tilly & Stephen

A few weeks back I spent the day in Woodstock, UK, together with the lovely Tilly & Stephen.

Tilly got ready at her family home, where the reception was held in the garden later that afternoon. It was a beautiful day, just perfect for a English countryside garden wedding.

T + S got married in Woodstock townhall, followed by a blessing in their local church…literally just minutes from the house. Two very emotional and beautiful ceremonies followed by drinks & photos with friends and family in the family garden.

Tilly & Stephen, thank you. For having me around for your wedding. It was such a romantic day in every single way and such a pleasure to have been part of it all. Tilly you looked just amazing, radiant and happy and the love you both have for each other is incredible and unmistakable. It was beautiful to watch, and I was especially touch by how emotional you were when you said yes in Woodstock town hall. Many many thanks and all the very best to you both for the future!

And here’s a taster from their beautiful day. Lot’s and lot’s of love, A