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an American Wedding in Copenhagen

Earlier this summer I got to spend the day with the absolutely loveliest of couples, as the photographer for their wedding in Copenhagen, Denmark. Laura & Quinn  came all the way from Chicago to Scandinavian to get married and brought with them their closest friends and family.

The day started out at the beautiful hotel Nimb, followed by a sunny ceremony in the Botanical gardens. It was an emotional day, from start to finish, filled with lot’s of happy tears, laughter and love. The ceremony especially was just beautiful, because it was so real and so full of love. And even though it was held in a public park, in the middle of Copenhagen, it was such a private ceremony. After the service we walked the park in the sun for a while taking some pictures as the botanical gardens was just beautiful, magical almost, on this early summer evening. The rest of the night was spent at BROR, a trendy restaurant, with a lot more joy and happiness all around!

L + Q, thank you! For being you, and for letting me be there to capture all of that. You are so beautiful together. The perfect pair. A genuine match. I feel so privileged and happy to have been there with you to capture all those moments and emotions that were so obviously all around. I was very touched by your love for each other and very happy to have been a part of your wedding. Lot’s of love. A


This. Means everything.

“Anna caught our attention through her vivid, yet natural shooting style and her ability to capture the whole scene, not just her clients.  We were also impressed with how easy it was to work long-distance with Anna from our home in Chicago, she spent a good amount of time video conferencing with us before we arrived in Copenhagen to get to know us and hear about any ideas we had for the shoot.  By the time we met in person, she felt like a friend you hadn’t seen in a while.  Her professionalism and effort extended beyond the photography as she helped convince a building’s manager to allow special access to get a photo we requested (ultimately he lead us into a few additional areas we didn’t even know about.)  Anna took amazing photographs of our wedding, we received them quickly, just when she promised they would be ready. A wedding photographer has a difficult task because they only get one chance to capture a moment.  Anna found all of the most beautiful, energy-filled moments and stole them away from time’s march so we could always remember the joy we felt that day. Scott and Christine.”

Forever grateful. Lot’s of love, A

Getting married in Copenhagen

 Bryllup i København // Chistine & Scott

A couple of weeks ago was in Copenhagen as the wedding photographer for the most amazing Chicago Couple; Christine & Scott . Two american architects who’d come to Copenhagen to get married at the very romantic Thorvaldsens Museum right in the centre of the city. In the morning of the wedding they got ready on the top floor of their beautiful hotel D’angleterre, with views over Nyhavn and the city. S had not seen C getting ready and was waiting for his “first look” on the balcony. It was such a beautiful moment, seeing them both so happy and very much in love. A short walk later they got married at the museum, in what is the shortest ceremony of my my 300+ weddings I have photographed. It was a short and sweet 5 minutes long, and was followed by a lovely stroll around Thorvaldsens’ sculptures before heading out into the streets of beautiful Copenhagen for more pictures in places such as the canal, in Nyhavn and the new library.

C + S. You guys are fantastic! And so much fun! I loved spending time with you both and feels so honoured to have shared part of this special day with you. It’s obvious how at ease you are together and how natural and relaxed your relationship is. It was a cold day and you guys were just amazing walking around the city, laughing and posing and having so much fun. Thank you for everything!

Lot’s of love, always! A

Favourites 2014

I’ve thought a lot about time. Time.
But in order to talk about time and understand time, I need to define time.

Time? Is it movement? Growth? Passing of an event? Is time just maturity? Does it go faster the older you get? Is time the same for everyone? How does my minute compare to your minute? Is a fun hour faster than a boring one?

For me, 2014 came and went. Regardless of how many minutes and hours and days there were, they all went by quicker than I could have ever imagined. It really does feel like 2014 went before it really came. Yet the memories are filled with moments to treasure forever. How is it possible that a whole years almost disappears in what feels like no time at all, how is it possible when it contained so much, when the memories that took place therein takes up space I couldn’t even begin to define.

But I realised something revolutionary, that changed my whole outlook on the concept of time; the very best way to make the most of your time, and to properly enjoy all of it, is to live right here, right now, totally devoted to the present. Appreciating the now, making the most of this moment. It was the key to unlock infinity for me. By being present with my focus on right now, immensing myself truly and totally in right here……..right now is where I am. My focus is here and will remain here. In my forever.

I encourage you all to enjoy your moments. Truly be there, right here…right now.
Here’s some of my lovely moments from 2014. Happy new year to all and everyone with wishes for a fantastic 2015!

Lot’s of love, always and forever, A