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Favourites 2014

I’ve thought a lot about time. Time.
But in order to talk about time and understand time, I need to define time.

Time? Is it movement? Growth? Passing of an event? Is time just maturity? Does it go faster the older you get? Is time the same for everyone? How does my minute compare to your minute? Is a fun hour faster than a boring one?

For me, 2014 came and went. Regardless of how many minutes and hours and days there were, they all went by quicker than I could have ever imagined. It really does feel like 2014 went before it really came. Yet the memories are filled with moments to treasure forever. How is it possible that a whole years almost disappears in what feels like no time at all, how is it possible when it contained so much, when the memories that took place therein takes up space I couldn’t even begin to define.

But I realised something revolutionary, that changed my whole outlook on the concept of time; the very best way to make the most of your time, and to properly enjoy all of it, is to live right here, right now, totally devoted to the present. Appreciating the now, making the most of this moment. It was the key to unlock infinity for me. By being present with my focus on right now, immensing myself truly and totally in right here……..right now is where I am. My focus is here and will remain here. In my forever.

I encourage you all to enjoy your moments. Truly be there, right here…right now.
Here’s some of my lovely moments from 2014. Happy new year to all and everyone with wishes for a fantastic 2015!

Lot’s of love, always and forever, A



Radisson Cannes 360 Roof Top

Recently I was the photographer for an event held at the 360 Roof Top of the Radisson Blu in Cannes, France. Such a stunning place, with magnificent views over Cannes town, harbour and beach.

Here’s a few images I took before the big party started.

Lot’s of love, A


Destination Wedding Cannes, France – Marjorie & Guillaume Part III

There is no hiding the fact that my last day in Cannes had perfect Riviera weather. The sun was shining and the sky was blue for Marjorie & Guillaume’s barbeque. Guests were invited back to the villa where it all started 2 days ago, for a relaxed chill out by the pool with food and drinks.

We ended our three days adventure with some pictures by the ocean in true Cote D’Azur style, mixing the warm orange feel from the cliffs with blues and aquas in the sky and water.

As I am finishing of my French Easter adventure with this post, I’d like to say an additional big thank you for having me. I am as ever so grateful and truly enjoyed my stay. I came back with new energy, ideas & inspiration….and high hopes to come back soon and shoot more!

Here’s some pictures from day 3. They were all shot in early afternoon in strong sun light which, even-though it can be strong and harsh for pictures, was welcomed with smiles and laughter. Lot’s of love as always. Anna

Destination Wedding Cannes, France – Marjorie & Guillaume Part II

Marjorie & Guillaume’s second wedding day hardly needs an introduction. If you follow my blog you have already learnt what an amazingly fun and truly in love couple they are.

Day two of their wedding celebrations took place at a venue in Mougins, just north of Cannes. You drive down this common road of villas & shops and behind one of those massive gates you see along the way hides a whole world of wedding; a marquee for the ceremony, a lounge area for drinks and canapés, a massive landscaped garden for portraits and a French style chateau for the dinner and party. It was the perfect place for M + G to celebrate with a 150 or so friends and family throughout the day.

It was a fabulous day that went on way beyond the early hours of Monday morning and I feel incredibly fortunate to have shared all these moments and laughters. There was so much going on, but I especially loved to hear Guillaume’s dad play Dire Straits “Sultans of swing” on the guitar. I love how M + G was introduced on stage with the band. I love the personal and touching slideshows friends and family had put together as they told a story of love and laughter. I love how M cried when she watched it and how G held her hand and cuddled up close in comfort. I love the orange/yellow light that filled the room throughout the evening which gave my pictures a glow and a warm, loving feeling. I love Marjorie’s mum for being such a sweetie pie and looking after me so well, and for baking a bread the size of France for all guest to enjoy. And speaking of food; I love the truffles soup they served for starters! The whole day made me rich in pictures for sure, but more than anything, rich in love.

M + G. Again, thank you for having me. Hope you are enjoying the warm weather and postcard beaches.

And here is a huge selection of favorites from day II. Lot’s of love, Anna.