Sarah & Michael – Wedding Longstowe Hall, Cambridgeshire

I had met Sarah & Michael a few months before their wedding day. We met up in Cambridgeshire and spent the afternoon together taking pictures in and around some of their favourite places. We talked for hours, about the past, the present and the future, and when I left I felt like I had known them forever.

When I arrived for Sarah’s preparations in the morning of the wedding day, it was heavy rain. It kept raining and raining. And it just didn’t stop. That is, until Sarah arrived at the church, set foot outside the car and the sun appeared. From that moment on it was clear blue skies and sunny. Later that evening, after desert, we went for a walk as the sun was setting. It was the most perfect sunset, set in the stunning Cambridgeshire countryside. A breathtaking moment and a perfect end to a perfect day.

A perfect day. To really tell the story of a perfect day you’d have to define perfect;

Sarah’s dad is waiting in the hallway, Sarah’s getting ready in her bedroom. And as she comes out, her dad looks up. Takes one look at her and his eyes speaks of a thousand words. Everyone’s in tears and they hug. For what feels like forever. Later as Sarah walks down the isle, her eyes meet Michaels, she shines up. She glows. She smiles, laughs and takes his hand. True love, right there in front of me. That same night Michael make attempt after attempt to tell Sarah how much he loves her. Mum’s in tears, dad’s in tears, Sarah’s in tears and Michael is head over heals in love…..and in tears.

S + M, I cannot begin to express how much I’ve enjoyed getting to know you guys and how lovely it was to be there for your wedding day and share in your happiness. You are both enormously lovely people and the pictures from your day really reflects just how perfect you both are. Thank you so much for having me!

Lot’s of love. A