Mauritius Wedding Photographer – Long Beach Hotel

I get all emotional thinking about the days I spent as a photographer for Jhalini & Daniel’s wedding in Mauritius recently. I feel emotional because it touched me so; to get to know J + D and all their friends & family. It moved me to play a little part of a family so close together, so caring for each other, sympathetic, considerate, compassionate and warm. And yes it was warm in Mauritius too, but the real heat was between Jhalini & Daniel for sure and the warmth I felt came from their family and friends.

It’s almost an impossible task to sum up a wedding of this kind, a wedding of so many days, with so many events, but also with so much flavour and so much love, that touches the spirit on so many levels. But I’m a photographer and I’m in love with images. With pictures the memories and events and experience and emotions and moments fall back into place. You see different things at different times. Little details emerge into stories. Places comes back to life. People feel real again and the memories of what was, well it somehow still is. Images tell stories, but maybe we see different things, so it tells our stories. Photos brings us back and allows us the privilege to travel from one place to another, just like that. And isn’t that the best, that I can just scroll down, view a few images, and go back for a while, back in time, over seas and past oceans. To this one place, full of so much.

J + D. You’re so lovely. Not just lovely, somehow that doesn’t feel enough; amazing. Together especially. There’s so much to love about you and it’s beautiful to watch how in love you are with each other and how much the people around you love you both. Thank you so much for taking me with you to Mauritius and letting me share in all this love and the laughter and joy that came with it. Thank you also for looking after me so well, for being so compassionate and considerate, for all the fantastic food and for making me feel like I went away but came home at the same time. It means so much to me that I’ve been part of your journey together and now, you will forever be a part of me and my journey.

There’s so much more to be said, but I’ll let the images speak for them selves.

Lot’s of love, and appreciation, A