In Love – Heloise & Sebastian in Paris

When I met Heloise & Sebastian in London for the first time a while back we mostly discussed plans for their wedding in Cambridge this summer. But we also talked about how the two of them first met while working in Paris and how an engagement shoot in Paris would really suit.

I was off course game, and months later we met up by the river in Paris for our shoot.

It was Easter and the sun was shining as we walked along the river past the Louvre towards Notre Dam. There was tourists everywhere but H + S didn’t seem to mind the slightest and we avoided the hordes of people surprisingly well.

H & S. Loved spending time with you in Paris a couple of weeks ago! Thanks for being so great and up for anything 🙂 You are so beautiful together and I can’t wait for your wedding later this summer. Lot’s of love. A

And here’s a selection of images from our shoot…