Wedding at Domain du Mont Leuze, France

I feel so grateful to have had the great fortune of being the photographer for Annika & Philippe’s amazing wedding at Domaine du Mont Leuze this summer. Total and complete appreciation in fact, as I’ve not only had the great pleasure of photographing their beautiful wedding, but I’ve also been lucky enough to get to know these two absolutely incredible people, and their wonderful friends & families. 

There’s an incredible amount of amazingness to this wedding. We’re talking volumes of phenomenal. Greatness on a multitude of levels. Where do I start, and where do I finish. As it feels like there is no beginning and no end. Just a great big ocean of love and laughter.

I could start by telling you how much I love the locations; Paris, Monaco & the Riviera. Or tell you about the absolutely gorgeous Lars Wallin dress with matching Manolo Blahnik shoes. I can rave about their venues; Salons Hoche, The Grimaldi centre (Zelo’s), Monte Carlo Bay hotel, the Miami beach club and Domaine du Montleuze. I could go on by telling you about the amazing flower arrangements, the open air chuppha overlooking the coast, the food (Swedish & French) or the band (soo good!).
And boy oh boy does the French know how to party.
But more than anything this is a story of Annika & Philippe, and the obvious, affectionate and unlimited love they have for each other. There’s so much more to be said, but I’ll let the images speak for them selves.

A + P, thank you! Again. And again.

Also, a big thank you goes to Ingrid, my friend & Colleague, whom I appreciate and love so much. All the images in this blog posts were taken by Ingrid Simons and myself.

Lot’s of love, always, A

Beautiful Sarah…

Editing Sarah & Mark’s countryside wedding this morning…and Sarah is just so beautiful I needed to put a picture up straight away.

Lot’s more pics to come soon.

Lot’s of Tuesday love, A

Just one…

…from a wedding I photographed at Villas Domaine Du Montleuze in Ville Franche, in the South of France. More pics to come soon.

Lot’s of love, A

Wedding in Paris – Annika & Philippe

Earlier this summer I photographed a civil wedding in Paris, France, that took place in the beautiful Mairie in the 16th arr. The ceremony was followed by a drink reception and lunch at Le Chalet (also in the 16th arr.) and portraits in the Parc Monceau in central Paris. Later that evening they enjoyed Aruchat Shabbat at the beautiful Salons Hoche terrace together with friends and family. It was the first out of their 4 day wedding celebrations, so lot’s more pictures to come from this beautiful couple and their amazing wedding!

Annika + Philippe, thank you! For everything. Truly. I have really loved getting to know you and capturing this special time in your life. You’re both such wonderful people, so caring, compassionate and friendly. You’re so much fun to be around and incredibly beautiful, inside out. It’s obvious how much you love and care for each other and the people around you. I’m so thankful to have been invited in to share in these good times and I really treasure all the lovely and fun moments I’ve taken with me from my time with you. Look after each other and enjoy the best of your Swedish/French union :)

Lot’s of love, and much appreciation, A