Japanese wedding

Just one image…of the very beautiful Natsuko.

Skagen, Denmark

I just cannot wait for summer to get here fast enough! I have lot’s of lovely weddings lined up and just want to jump in there and start creating the most amazing images for my 2014 couples!

The image below is taken the day before a wedding I shot in Skagen, Denmark last year! Such a stunning stunning place, truly! I was out scouting for locations and in search of a setting that was close enough to their reception, that felt representative of the bride and groom and that said something about the location they had so carefully chosen for their wedding. So I found this perfect beach, it’s two beaches actually, where the two seas meet at the very top of Denmark. It was THE location I was looking for. The day after, on their wedding day, we shot their wedding portraits here…and it was perfect!

Take time BEFORE your big day to plan to perfection, then on the day…let go, relax and enjoy…knowing that everything will fall into place and you will have a SUPER duper day.

Lot’s of love, A


Featured on “Lace in the desert” blog…

“Lace in the desert” is a lovely real life wedding blog with inspiration for expats living in the Middle East. They recently published a wedding I shot in Oman last summer of the BEAUTIFUL May Ee & Sharmeel. You can view the feature here.

If you haven’t seen them already, you can see my previous blog posts from our different Oman portrait shoots here (part I) here (part II) and here (part III)

I loved every minute I spent with M & S in Oman. I hope you like the pictures too!

Lot’s of love, A

Wedding at Kew Gardens, London


My work often feature on blogs & in Magazines all over the world and it’s always lovely to see wedding couples have their images inspire, and admired, by future bride and grooms. Claire & Alfie got married at the beautiful Longstowe Hall in Cambridge, UK, last summer and their wedding is now on the “Lace in the Desert” blog. Head over here to see more images from their day!

Many thanks for stopping by! Have a fab week!

Lot’s of love, A

Favourites 2013

They go fast, the years. It seems like the days and weeks and months just fly by. But somehow, miraculously, so much fits into one year. An incredible amount of people, events and locations came and went. And what remains are the memories.

I’ve had the privilege to travel for various photo projects and weddings this year and have visited some beautiful places in locations such as France (Paris, Cannes, Grasse), Denmark (Copenhagen, Skagen, Helsingör), Sweden (Stockholm, Helsingborg, Halmstad, Malmö), UK (London, Guernsey, Cambridge, Scotland, Surrey etc..) and the middle east (Qatar, Oman). I love traveling and I love shooting in new places, if you know me you know that already. There’s such beauty in this world, it’s really incredible. There so much to see and so much to do. So many people to meet and so many moments waiting to be explored. Around every corner is a new adventure. But I have to add, and I’ve said it before; the very best place is right here, right now.

I feel very lucky to have met some incredible people this year. It’s been a real privilege and it’s made me rich in ways I can’t even begin to measure. People who has opened up themselves to me, invited me in to capture irreplaceable memories and emotions. Couples who have gone out of their way for me to have everything I need, and more. Who has welcomed me into their homes and families. Clients who’s sent me the best notes and presents just to tell me they appreciate me and the images I’ve captured for them. It means everything.

2014 is just around the corner, and it will for sure bring new adventures. It will go fast, and it will be gone before you know it. So do take the time to stop and smell the flowers. Be sure to enjoy the now and to capture the moments, because they really are just moments.

To all my readers, to my friends & family. To old client and new clients and to the rest of you. A very Happy new year. I hope it will bring the very best for every single one of us. Lot’s of love, always. A