Wedding // Bröllop in Helsingborg // Sweden

When an old friend of mine, who I went to school with back in the days, asked me to photograph her wedding I was excited and a little scared at the same time. It’s hard to be a guest and a photographer at the same time. So I accepted the invite, as her photographer only :)

Having grown up in the South of Sweden it was lovely to shoot a wedding somewhere I used to ride my bike and catch frogs in the stream, it was homey and different and really very nice. I don’t shoot all that many weddings in Sweden, so I was glad to be there and to play a part in capturing all the memories for my lovely friends’ wedding.

Charli got ready at her parents house in Helsingborg together with her husband to be, Jonas, before meeting up with their two little boys for some portraits nearby. After some fun shots in the rain it was time for the ceremony in Raus Kyrka. I loved how they all walked in together; Charli, Jonas and their boys…it was beautiful. The priest was so lovely and someone C & J knew since before, which made the service personal and warm.

After the church the wedding party took place in the countryside with friends and family and included games, singing, speeches of all sorts, dancing, cake, lanterns and more evening photographs in the fields.

One super day, with one super couple! C + J, you’re so much fun and so great together. You have two beautiful and cute little boys who’re both fantastic. You have such a perfect little family. I’m really glad to be your friend and that you asked me to be there with you as your photographer. Charli, you looked so happy all day, radiant! Thank you again, for everything, and for being so much fun!

Lot’s of love, always and always. A

Wedding in Denmark // Copenhagen // Helsingør

A few weeks back I photographed the wedding of Katherine & Kim in Denmark and it was without a doubt one of the sunniest and warm days of the scandinavian summer.

The wedding took place on Sjælland at the beautiful Sophienberg Slott (castle) between Copenhagen & Helsingør. A lovely venue with view over the ocean and lovely green grounds. The bridesmaids were dressed in yellow and blue, which suited this lovely summer day very much.

Kim & Katherine had some favourite spots they had picked out for their portraits which were all beautiful and can be seen in the images below.

K + K, thank you so much for having me! What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple. I had such a good time with you guys and loved capturing your day for you. I’d like to wish you both all the very best for the future, look after each other.

Lot’s of love, A

Wedding in Utrecht, the Netherlands // Holland

My oh my does the Dutch know how to party? Do they know how to throw a fun wedding? Do they know how to plan a perfect wedding? Yes they do. Well at least Ilse & Joep with their friends & family do!

So a few weeks back I joined my friend a co worker Ingrid Simons to photograph a wedding together in Utrecht, the Netherlands (Holland). And it was the most perfect wedding. Truly. Not only because it was such a pleasure to see two people so crazy in love, but also to see two people have so much fun together and such a fantastic day with their friends and family. I could go on forever, but there’s a few things I love in particular;

I love how Ilse’s dad sat down to play the piano in the morning of preparations and Ilse stood behind him for what felt like an eternity, like there was just the two of them in the whole world…and the piece he played on the piano.

I love how when Ilse walked down the stairs to meet Joep just before the wedding, he looked at her like there was no tomorrow. As if in this defying moment there was no longer two, but one of them and everything was just safe and lovely.

I love it when I realised their wedding car was a Volkswagen bus and I was going to travel with them in it! I have never been in one ever, but always wanted to. For purely selfish reasons I love that that was their choice of transportation :)

I love it that when Ilse stood up in church and started to sing a song exclusively for Joep, the whole of the church burst into tears like I have never seen before. I loved every second of that song and even though it was in Dutch and I didn’t understand a word of it, I was in the back holding my tears back.

I love how all of the couples friends and family had come together to organise the wedding. With everything from the farm, the food, the fun, the festival, the signs…it was all made with a whole lot of love and not much else.

I love the afternoon salsa class and the outdoor dance floor filled with guests.

I love that instead of having one cake they had 7, I liked that a lot ;)

I love that everyone got to bring their own plate and write a message for the couple on the back.

I love sing a long when it is proper sing a long. And this was nothing but proper sing a long! People were on the tables, in trees, dancing around the gardens, singing, laughing crying, laughing, cheering, laughing….so. much. fun.

I love the speeches. Not understanding a word, but really getting it, feeling it. The laughter and tears and all the emotions were indicators off course, but the energy was indescribable. Intense and real.

There’s so much to love about Ilse & Joep’s wedding, but most of all Ilse & Joep actually.

I + J. Wow. Thank you for having me and for being just amazing people. I admire you both and the love and passion you have for each other and for everything around you. It was perfect. Thank you.

Lot’s of love, always. A

Sidney Sussex Chapel, Cambridge – the Wedding of Kay & Rupert

I recently shot Kay and Rupert’s wedding in Cambridge, at the gorgeous Sydney Sussex College Chapel followed by a reception at Longestowe Hall.
And wow was it an emotional day from beginning to end! From the moment Kay got into her dress, her mum and the bridesmaids was in tears. And when her dad entered the room shortly thereafter and saw Kay in her dress….it was so beautiful to witness all the emotions and the love in the room at that moment.
Not long after Kay walked down the isle to a completely stunned Rupert. It was if he saw her for the first time, and for the rest of the day he could not keep his eye of her, and kept saying my “wife is so beautiful”, “I cannot believe how beautiful she is”. Later that night during speeches I was in tears myself watching Kay listen to her dads speech and again for Ruperts speech. The bridesmaids, the mum and the guests were in tears.
But is all good tears. And it’s all so beautiful to watch. Its all love.
K+ R, you are such a fun, easy going couple. Chilled, relaxed and just lovely really. And so great to be around!
It’s obvious how much you love each other and there’s no doubt life will just get better because you are together. Thank you for having me and thank you for a perfect day.
Lots of love and hugs. A

Seaside Wedding // Bröllop in the South of Sweden // Skåne

When Pamela & Carl got married in the South of Sweden (in Höganäs / Brunnby, Skåne) it was a warm, sunny, summers day in Sweden. They had flown in from Boston a few days before and had family and friends from Sweden, Italy and Switzerland join them for their wedding day. I was the designated photographer :) and thrilled to be there to capture all the love and beauty!

The ceremony took place in Brunnby Kyrka, which is such a beautiful church in the South Swedish countryside, followed by portraits at the charming Krapperups Slott & off course the beach. The evening was spent celebrating with friends and family at Bryggan, a resturant in Höganäs hamn (harbour) and filled with touching speeches, laughter, dancing, cake and much more.

P + C, you are so lovely and I loved spending time with you. I’m so happy that you asked me to shoot your wedding and invited me in to join you for this perfect day. I had such a nice time with you! I’d like to wish you all the best for your future together and all the adventures I know you’ll have together. Enjoy Boston and each other!

Lot’s of love, always. A

Just One…from a wedding outside Copenhagen Denmark

I just wanted to post an image that I love from a recent wedding I had on Sjælland, Denmark, in a little sea town located between Helsingør (Elsinore) and Copenhagen. A perfect summers day really! More pics to come from this lovely wedding soon. Lot’s of love, A